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            Eden Consulting Group - Police Dog Home Page

            International Police K9 Conferences, Custom & Private Seminars

            The International Police K9 Conference is renowned world wide for its quality of instructors and programs  alike. With the finest and most professional instructors available  anywhere in the world, the International Police K9 Conferences provide a challenging opportunity for police dog teams at any level of expertise. The Police K9 Management program is breaking new ground and introducing new concepts in how dogs are deployed in law enforcement. Our goal is to make K9 work in policing safer through sound tactical training, and to bring all officers and administrators involved in K9 work closer together to strengthen police dog training and deployment ethics and standards. Look for our upcoming courses for a program near you. For private group or custom police or military oriented K9 courses and seminars, please contact Bob Eden.

            Our Philosophy

            “Your mission is clear cut and  well defined. The set of philosophies you develop in order to achieve  that mission will determine whether you make a beneficial contribution  to the role police dogs play in modern law enforcement or whether you become a liability which undermines the good work of many men and women before  you.”

                                 - Bruce Jackson, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Washington

            Law Enforcement Consulting Services

            Eden Consulting Group retains some of the worlds most renowned names in police dog training. Every officer working as a consultant with the Academy is well versed in all aspects of police K9 training and deployment. Each officer also has their own special field of expertise that they specialize in. If you are an agency setting up a new program in need, an agency with an experienced team of handlers that would like advanced tactical or technical training, or an association wishing to host an advanced training seminar, we specialize in providing programs that are custom tailored to fit those needs. We will travel to any nation in the world to assist in setting up agencies and provide training in any aspect police dog work. Each officer on the list is also capable of providing expert witness testimony in their field of expertise.

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